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"Return to face-to-face teaching in higher education after Easter break"

Flemish education minister Ben Weyts (nationalist) and representatives of the Flemish universities and schools of advanced learning are backing plans for a return to face-to-face teaching in Flemish higher education. 

The goal is to give students two half days or one full day of on campus education from 19 April onwards.  For over a year Flanders’ 270,000 students have been in one of the strictest corona regimes.  Education minister Weyts and the higher education sector now want to return to the situation that existed before the Easter break.

At maximum of 20% of campus capacity will be used. Universities and polys will get the opportunity to return to limited face-to-face teaching, but like the maximum capacity it is not an obligation.

The Flemish authorities also plan to provide hundreds of thousands of rapid tests in order to prevent large outbreaks of Covid.  Starting May 200,000 rapid or self-tests will be made available each week for use in higher and adult education as well as in art academies.  As a result all teaching staff will be able to self-test twice a week free of charge.

“This isn’t the big reopening” said minister Weyts.  “It’s a first step that hopefully will allow further steps.  It provides a positive outlook for every student”.

The consultative committee representing Belgium’s governments that has the final say on corona measures is expected to back the plans on Wednesday.

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