Abraham Taherivand (WMDE)/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

But do I still have to work from home?

The short answer is ‘Yessss’! Homeworking remains obligatory.  Only workers who cannot work from home may attend their workplace and will require a special certificate from their employer.

Checks by the authorities will continue.  Employers are bound to fill in a register showing who will be present at a workplace and for which period of time. 

The governments’ consultative committee that has the final say on corona restrictions is eager to offer both employees and employers the prospect of some return to work in the future.  By June most over 65s and people in risk groups will have been vaccinated.  If the situation in hospital critical care wards has normalised by then, businesses will be able to organise ‘return moments’. 

The Belgian employers of VBO are pleased with the relaxations announced Wednesday.  “The new timeline that has been proposed offers prospects for the future in sectors affected and for home-workers, though a little later than hoped” says VBO chief Pieter Timmermans.

The employers’ organisation says pause in activity at Easter was a blow to affected companies.  The VBO is looking forward to safe return moments in June.  The organisation says that after months of mandatory homeworking it has noticed homeworking fatigue.

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