COVID-19 hospitalisations continue to fall

The public health science institute Sciensano has released the latest figures on the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. They show a further fall in the number of people with the virus that are being hospitalised. Meanwhile, there is a slight rise in the number of COVID-19 deaths, while the 7-day rolling average for new infections is up slightly. However, this can be attributed to the fact that Easter Monday, a public holiday, is now no longer is this week’s 7-day rolling average, but rather in that of the previous week. 

During the week from 9 to 15 April an average of 240 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalised in Belgium each day. This is down 5% on the average number of daily admissions for the previous week (2 to 8 April) when an average of 253 patients with COVID-19 were admitted to the country’s hospitals each day.

On Thursday 16 April the country’s hospitals reported 238 admissions of patients with COVID-19, an increase of 21 on Wednesday’s figures. 242 (-35) patients were discharged. There are currently 3,032 patients with COVID-19 that are being cared for in the country’s hospitals, a fall of 17 on the previous day. Of these 930 are on intensive care wards (-11) and 541 (+3) are on ventilators.

During the week from 6 to 12 April an average of 41 people with COVID-19 died in Belgium each day. This is a rise of 3.3% on the 7-day rolling average for the previous week. The COVID-19 death toll in Belgium now stands at 23,636.

During the week from 6 to 12 April an average of 3,884 people tested positive for coronavirus. This is up 8% on the 7-day rolling average for the previous week. Today’s figures are the first in 7 days that no longer include Easter Monday. Consequently, we are now comparing a week with 5 working days with a week with 4 working days, hence the rise.

Nevertheless, the number of people that are being tested continues to fall. During the week from 6 to 12 April an average of 43,000 tests were carried out each day. This is down 20% on the previous week. Of those tested 9.5% test positive. The WHO describes an epidemic as “given cause for concern” when more than 5% of people tested for a virus test positive.

The basic reproduction rate (R0) for COVID-19 in Belgium currently stands at 0.94. This means that every 100 infected people infect a further 94.

By Wednesday 14 April, the latest day for which figures are available, 2,058,737 people in Belgium had already received their first dose of coronavirus vaccine. This is 22.4% of the adult population. 659,332 people had already received both doses.


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