Mayor De Wever reacts to Let’s Go Urban audit

The Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever (national) says that is the member of the Flemish Parliament Sihame El Kaouakibi’s (liberal) not-for-profit organisation Let’s Go Urban fails to account for the half a million euro in subsidies it received from the city the collaboration between the city authorities and the group will be terminated. 

Mr De Wever was speaking in response to an audit that found that as much as 350,000 euro of subsidies given by Antwerp City Council to help pay for the building in which Let’s Go Urban is housed could have been syphoned off to private companies owned by Ms El Kaouakibi by means of bogus invoices issued by the companies. There are also questions surrounding a further 120,000 euro in subsidies that were given to help pay for the organisation’s day to day running.

Let's Go Urban now has a week to account for what it has done with the cash it received from Antwerp City Council. Mr De Wever told VRT News that he the chance that Let’s Go Urban will be able to account for what has happened to the money it received from the City of Antwerp as “to be honest very small, almost inexistant”.

He added that like everyone else he and his colleagues in the city cabinet were astounded when they found out what has been allegedly going on.

"Together with other public authorities and probably private companies too we fear that we have been defrauded by this organisation”.  

The audit found that of the 3.5 million euro the City of Antwerp invested in Let’s Go Urban’s Urban Centre HQ, possible as must as 350,000 euro was syphoned off.


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