Chihuahua dies after being kicked by jogger

Officers from the Klein-Brabant Local Police Service are looking for witnesses to an incident in which a jogger kicked a chihuahua so hard that it later died. On Thursday afternoon the dog was being taken out for a walk by a 13-year-old girl in the municipality of Puurs (Antwerp Province) when at around 3:30pm a jogger kicked the dog. 

In addition to witnesses to the incident, the Klein-Brabant Local Police Service also wants to speak to the jogger “We want to hear his side of the story in order to further our investigation”, police spokeswoman Elke Wouters told VRT News.

The girl was walking her dog along the Veldweg between Puurs and Oppuurs when the jogger came by. The dog started to bark. This reportedly provoked an angry reaction from the jogger. He kicked the animal one or more times. The dog was so badly injured than it had to be put down.

In an emotional reaction the girl’s father said that the dog had never attacked anyone. The girl is still in shock. Police have issued an appeal for witnesses to the incident and are also calling on the jogger to report to them. 

The jogger is described as being between 30 and 40 years-old, white with brown hair, is slightly built and is around 1.80 metres tall.


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