Flemish socialist party paid for the rebranding of Ghent’s Vooruit arts centre

The Flemish socialist party that recently changed its name to Vooruit paid towards the rebranding of the Ghent arts centre that bears the same name. The news that the party had stumped up the cash to pay for the Vooruit arts centre to rebrand appears in the arts centre’s annual report that forms the basis for an article in Saturday’s edition of the daily ‘De Standaard’. 

The daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws reports that the socialist party agreed to pay less than 100,000 euro to the art’s centre. In return the Vooruit arts centre agreed to change its name. It had already been rumoured that the socialist party had given the arts centre cash in return for it changing its name and now this has been confirmed.

Journalists from the De Standaard looked at the arts’ centre’s annual report. Although no transfers of funds is visible in last year’s figures, from last autumn the centre began to take into account the possibility of a name change and what it would cost.  

In its annual report Vooruit (the arts centre) writes that it given that the socialist party intends to change its name to Vooruit it feels obliged to find a new name. The report also says literally “The cost of the rebranding will be in part compensated by SP.A/Vooruit (the Flemish socialist party), but this won’t be sufficient”. 

Without quoting a source ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reports that the Flemish socialist party has paid less than 100,000 euro as a party of a mutual agreement with the arts centre. The arts centre agreed to accept as it believed that it was far from certain that it would win any legal action it might have undertaken against the party. The party was prepared to pay to help the arts centre change its name to avoid any fuss being made about its own name change.



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