One man dies in violence between Chechen and Kurdish gangs in Liège

One man has died, and two others were injured in a violent confrontation between groups of Chechen and Kurdish youths in the Liège district of Droixhe on Friday. 28 people were detained by police after the violence during which firearms were used. 

The incident happened late on Friday afternoon. Dozens of young men clashed in the middle of the street. On video footage posted on social media gunshots can be clearly heard. One of those involved in the violence was shot and killed, two others sustained gunshot wounds.

The violence followed an incident between Chechens and Kurds on Thursday. On Friday Chechens travelled from Verviers (where there is a sizable Chechen community) to Liège on a mission of revenge against the local Kurdish community.

Police eventually went to the scene in numbers with around 100 officers cordoning of the area. Firearms, including a Kalashnikov were found in cars that were parked in the area.  

During the confrontation a bus operated by the Walloon public transport company TEC had its windscreen smashed. Bus services in the area have been suspended until Sunday evening.

The 28 people detained are now being questioned by an Examining Magistrate. Several of them have criminal records. Chechens from areas other than Liège and Verviers may also have been involved in Friday’s violence. 

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