All over 65s in Voeren have been offered a vaccine “probably a first in Flanders”, says Mayor

On Saturday a second large scale vaccination session took place in Voeren in Limburg Province. Rural and very picturesque, Voeren is Flanders’ most easterly municipality and is in fact an exclave situated between Dutch Limburg and Liège Province in Wallonia. Given that the nearest Flemish vaccination centre is located in Tongeren, around 30 kilometres away, it was decided that a mobile vaccination centre should visit Voeren at regular intervals during the vaccination campaign to ensure that the around 4,000 people that live there have a chance to get their jab locally. 

This appears to have been a great success so far and everyone over the age of 65 that lives in Voeren has now been given the chance to get vaccinated.

The Mayor of Voeren Joris Gaens (local list) told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that 290 people from Voeren were sent invitations to get a jab. “We focused on the over 65’s and wrote to everyone in this group. I think that for the moment we are the first municipality in Flanders to have given everyone over 65 the chance to get vaccinated”.

Any vaccines left over due to cancellations or people not turning up were given to people drawn from a reserve list made up of people with underlying medical conditions and those in essential jobs such as teachers. The oldest nursery nurses at the local schools and volunteers that help out as carers were able to get jabs on Saturday.

Four weeks ago, the municipality of Voeren used its mobile vaccination centre for the first time. The centre is effectively a branch of the vaccination centre in Tongeren. The existence of the mobile vaccination centres prevents people from Voeren from having to drive for three-quarters of an hour or make a long bus journey to Tongeren.  780 people have been vaccinated in Voeren so far. They are all over 65 or have underlying condition or are (health) care staff that had not been vaccinated at their place of work. 

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