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Schools in Maasmechelen to remain closed next week

Schools in the Limburg municipality of Maasmechelen will remain closed for a week longer than elsewhere in our region. Tomorrow (Monday 19 April) pupils in nursery and primary education and the first two years of secondary school across Flanders and the rest of Belgium will return to school full time after an extended three-week Easter break. Pupils from the third year of secondary school up will be taught 50% at school and 50% through digital distance learning. 

After a meeting between the Mayor of Maasmechelen Raf Terwingen (Christian democrat), the Flemish Heath Inspectorate, the Flemish Care and Health Agency and the Governor of Limburg Province Jos Lantmeeters (nationalist) it was decided that schools in Maasmechelen should remain closed or another week.

Proportionally Limburg Province has the second highest coronavirus infection rate of any Flemish Province. Only East Flanders has more infections per 100,000 population. The area around Maasmechelen is particularly badly hit with 472 people having tested positive for coronavirus there during the past two weeks. Maasmechelen has a population of 39,000. Meanwhile, hospital occupancy rates in Limburg Province remain high.

During the coming week children that attend schools in Maasmechelen will be taught by means of digital distance learning. Parents of the children at the schools have been informed.

Meanwhile, the municipal authorities have used social media to call on people living in Maasmechelen to limit their contacts and to strictly follow the restrictions designed to curb the spread of coronavirus.


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