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58 people receive too small dose of Pfizer vaccine at Diest vaccination centre

A quality control audit at the coronavirus vaccination centre in the Flemish Brabant town of Diest have found that 58 people that were vaccinated there on Saturday 10 April were given too small a dose of the vaccine. As this means that they will be less well protected against coronavirus than those that have been given the correct dose they will have to be vaccinated three times rather than the standard twice.

On Saturday 10 April it was discovered that 58 shots of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine that had been administered to people at the Den Amer Vaccination Centre contained too small a dose of the vaccine. 

The Demerland Frontline Heath Care Zone authority acted immediately and has since been able to contact all 58 people affected. Just to be sure they will all be given a third shot of the Pfizer vaccine. 

The Demerland Frontline Health Care Zone’s Deputy Chairman Ivo Dekkers told the VRT that "We immediately contacted the Care and Health Agency to discuss the issue”. On the advice of virologists such as Professor Van Damme it was decided to give these people a third shot. This will be done 5 weeks after they have been given their second dose, so at around the end of June. This should ensure that they are as well vaccinated as everyone else”.

Mr Dekkers what on to say that a preparatory error had meant that the wrong dose had been administered. "During the preparatory phase a new member of staff that was doing it for the first time had tried to get 8 doses out of a bottle. Normally we get 7. Consequently, from now on we are going to carry out extra checks after preparation and during the stage between preparation and the administration of the vaccine”.


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