Belgian FA supports UEFA’s opposition to a European Super League

The Belgian Football Association (KBVB) has said in a statement that it supports European football’s governing body UEFA’s in its opposition to the setting up of a European Super League. On Sunday night it emerged that twelve of Europe’s biggest football clubs plan to set up a European Super League to rival UEFA’s Champions League competition.

The clubs involved include the English Premier League clubs: Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. The Spanish clubs Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid and the Italian clubs AC Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan make up the remaining half a dozen clubs involved. 

UEFA is now threatening that any clubs that competes in the new Super League will be excluded from European and national football competitions. This would mean that for example Manchester City would no longer de able to compete in the Premier League and Barcelona would no longer be able to compete in La Liga. Players from clubs competing in the Super League would no longer be able to play for their countries. However, it seems unlikely that UEFA would be able to enforce this.

In a statement released on the social media platform Twitter the Belgian Football Association wrote that "We back UEFA and oppose the organisation of a closed competition as agreed among 12 leading European football clubs”. 

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