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Belgian Olympians, Paralympians and prison staff to be given priority for coronavirus vaccination

The ministers that are responsible for the vaccination programme in Belgium have agreed that the athletes that have been selected to compete at this summers’ Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo will be given priority when it comes to vaccination against coronavirus. Prison staff too will be given priority. 

For some time now the Belgian Olympic Committee (BOIC) has been asking for those that have been selected to compete in Tokyo to be given priority for vaccination against coronavirus. BOIC wants to be certain that the athletes will have built up sufficient immunity against coronavirus before the start of the Olympic Games at the end of July. 170 doses of coronavirus vaccine will be required to vaccinate those going to the Olympic Games with 50 doses being needed to vaccinate our country’s Paralympians. The vaccines will be administered in Brussels.  

There is also good news for prison staff. They will be vaccinated soon along with others in priority professions that have frontline contact with the public. Around 10,000 people work in the country’s prisons.  

Like the population at large, prisoners will be vaccinated according to their age. With the oldest prisoners being vaccinated first. Currently, as is the case among the general population, prisoners over the age of 65 and those with underlying medical conditions are being vaccinated against coronavirus.

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