It’s easier to book your jab in the Brussels Region

The Brussels Region is launching a new digital way to allow people in the Brussels Region to make an appointment for a corona vaccine jab.  With up to 12% of the people in Brussels not having a fixed abode or a letterbox, the system with the letter that operates across the rest of the country may not be that effective.

Like in Flanders and Wallonia, people in Brussels receive a letter informing them that it’s their turn to come forward for the jab.  The letter contains a code that allows you to make an appointment.

The Brussels region has now launched an alternative system that doesn’t require this code to make an appointment.  All you need is your Identification Number of the National Register, which you find on the reverse of your ID card. You can use this number to make an appointment, when your age or risk group is up for the jab, if you like in Brussels.

“12% of the people in Brussels don’t have a fixed abode or a letterbox.  They don’t get the letter with the code.  That’s why we are making things simpler” says Inge Neven of the Brussels health inspection.

First line care workers, GPs and chemists, can also all register people for the jab in this way.

“If a pharmacist has a customer wishing to get the jab, the pharmacist can book him or her an appointment using their national register number”.

GPs and pharmacists can even book your transportation!

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