Foto: Radio 2

Skateboarder protest on Schelde Quays

Skateboarders yesterday launched a protest against the ‘skate stoppers’ that the city authorities recently installed on the Schelde Quays in Antwerp.  Skate stoppers are metal plates that hamper skateboarding at a particular area.

“There are skateboarders, who live around the corner.  Everyday they come here to exercise their favourite sport.  The skate stoppers prevent this.  We believe a solution should be found that suits the youngsters as well as walkers” says Amina Vandenheuvel of Redfox, the youth league of the far-left Labour Party.

The city authorities are suggesting the creation of a skatepark in the neighbourhood, but that will take two years to get up and running.  For skateboarder Finlay this isn’t an option: “Skateboarding is an expression of creativity for many of us.  In a skatepark all you can do is follow a pre-designed route.  Skateboarding in the city is important.  The skate stoppers bring it to a halt!”

So far 1,300 people have signed up to a petition against the skate stoppers.

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