All Leuven becomes Zone 30

By the end of the year the whole of Leuven will be transformed into a Zone 30.  This means that a speed limit of 30 km/h will apply across the city for cars, mopeds and bikes unless otherwise indicated.

Leuven is taking the measure to support the quality of life in village centres and residential areas across the municipality.  Zone 30 restrictions already apply in central Leuven, i.e. in the area encircled by the ring road where there is CCTV surveillance and a circulation plan, but now the measure is being extended to other centres: Kessel-Lo, Wilsele, Wijgmaal and Heverlee. 

The pandemic has shown the importance of green areas.  Leuven’s city fathers and mothers want greener squares and streets to allow people who haven’t got a garden to enjoy nature and relax. Leuven’s also investing more in the bike.  More attention will be paid to bike traffic at intersections and at crossings and more bike shelters will be created.

The rollout of Zone 30 across the municipality involves quite a bit of work. David Dessers, city cabinet member for mobility: “300 signposts need to be replaced.  It will be done in phases starting in Wilsele Village and finishing in Heverlee.”

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