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Fire at West Flemish monastery

A monastery in the village of Heule, near Kortrijk in West Flanders was badly damaged in a fire that broke out on Tuesday morning. The fire destroyed much of the chapel at the monastery as well as part of the roof of the nuns' living quarters. The adjacent Spes Nostra school was not damaged in the fire. However, the Head of the school told parents to keep their children at home for today at least.

The fire started at around 6:30am. Soon flames were shooting through the of of the monastery. The local Fire Service told the press agency Belga that “Initially it was unclear whether there was anyone still inside, but it soon became apparent that all of the nuns had left the building safely and there was no one else there”.

The fire probably started in the attic of the building and spread very quickly. The Spes Nostra chapel at the monastery was severely damaged in the blaze. 

The school that is next to the monastery used social media to issue an urgent call to pupils not to go to school today.




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