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Flanders invests in hydrogen as truck fuel

The Flemish government is investing 125 million euros in a project designed to use hydrogen as a fuel for heavy goods vehicles.  It’s one of 180 projects that form part of the Flemish Recovery Plan.  In all Flanders is investing 4.3 billion euros.

Half the money comes from Flemish coffers.  The rest is matched by the EU. The plan is supposed to make the Flemish economy stronger and greener.  Hydrogen is a gas and a clean source of energy that can be produced from excess wind energy.

Economy minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat): “You can do this in Zeebrugge by using excess energy from wind farms. You turn it into green hydrogen and power lorries, forklift trucks and ships.  It’s an enormous gain for the environment because there ae no C02 emissions.

Commenting on the Recovery Plan Flemish PM Jambon (nationalist) said: “This must make us stronger.  It’s an unprecedented, gigantic investment. It should put us at the top.”

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