Caspar Huurdeman

Flemish Sport Federation to invest 1 million euro in securing the future of our region’s sport clubs

The Flemish Sport Federation (VSF) is to invest 1 million euro in helping steer our region’s 20,000 amateur sport clubs through the coronavirus pandemic. VSF will offer help in the form of emergency loans, helping clubs seek alternative sources of finance or by offering assistance to clubs when they apply for subsidies from the local or regional authorities. 

The pandemic and the restrictions it has brought with has seen many clubs lose a large portion of their income. The “Recharge Your Sport Club” action plan that was launched today aims to address this. The project builds on support measures that already in place covering and bookkeeping, voluntary work, as well as legal and fiscal issues. Free advice will be offered from experts in these fields.

VSF’s Chairman Koen Umans told VRT Sport that "The primary concern of many sport clubs is the financial aspect. This is why we are offering them support when they apply for emergency loans, win-win loans or other possible sources of finance”.

"But as a federation we want to help our clubs in other areas too. For example, we are going to assist them develop an improved and stronger structure for the running of their clubs and to address underlying issues that have been exposed by the pandemic”.

In addition to the campaign the Flemish Sport Federation will also carry out a large-scale survey of clubs to find out what additional difficulties have arisen due to the pandemic. Based on the results of the survey VSF will offer extra training courses and assistance to clubs and their volunteers free of charge.



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