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"Belgians keen to homework from sunny Spain"

The end of the international travel ban on non-essential trips means many people are eager to escape the dark northern skies and head for sunnier climes, often in Spain.  Sandra De Rop of Gimmo Vastgoed is an estate agent from Aalst (East Flanders).  Today she is off to Spain to show prospective buyers properties in the sun.

“It’s gone on for long enough” she says.  “People have sat indoors all winter and now feel the need for something different.  Buyers have been waiting to head abroad to snap up property and homework from abroad.”

It seems people don’t only want to buy a holiday home in the South, but are also eager to work from home in their new flat or house!

“People have been able to save a little during the lockdown and now want to invest in real estate” explains Sandra.  “They think if we’re going to do it, we have to do it now!”

“People want to bask in the sun on a pavement café and enjoy life.”

Sandra insists prices in Spain remained pretty stable during the pandemic, especially for newbuilds.  “If you want to do a bargain, you need to look at older properties.  You can purchase a flat for 100,000 euros, no problemo! Last year I sold a villa for 80,000 euros, but it didn’t have a swimming pool.”

Until now purchasing real estate in Spain remained a virtual experience.  “You couldn’t visit the property” says Sandra.  “We did put a lot of work into it making videos and snaps for the buyers.  But now travel is once again possible, we are truly ready!”

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