Corona: Colruyt worker attacked by aggressive customer

A Colruyt customer attacked a store worker shortly after closing time at a store in Sint-Truiden (Limburg) last night.  The shopper was angry because the store worker had asked him to comply with corona measures.  He waited until the Colruyt employee had finished his shift and proceeded to attack him.

Workers at the store are so fed up with customer aggression that they have decided to down tools tomorrow for a symbolic two-minute protest.

The customer first got angry when he was addressed in the store and told to comply with corona restrictions.  He argued and pushed his supermarket cart between the legs of the dutiful worker.

During their second encounter, after work, the aggressive customer started to pelt the store worker’s car with stones.  When the store worker got out of his car he was punched in the face. 

Frank Convents of the Christian union: “Virtually every day we have to raise observance of corona measures with customers.  Often their reaction is an aggressive one.  We’re fed up to the back teeth.”  

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