Investigation into gang rape at Mechelen youth centre

In Mechelen (Antwerp Province) prosecutors have started to investigate a gang rape.  A 17-year-old girl is believed to have been raped at a youth centre in the Mahatma Gandhi district a month ago. Four suspects including a minor have been detained.  One of the suspects worked at the centre as a cleaner and possessed a key to the building.  The girl is thought to have been raped at the J@m youth centre on 21 March. 

Three adults have been arrested.  A minor appeared before a youth magistrate and was released on conditions.  Abdrahman Labsir, city cabinet member for youth, who worked at the centre for many years, explains: “The cleaner had a key to the centre and was able to enter after hours”. 

“The investigation will have to establish what exactly happened that day.  There is no damage.  There’s no sign of a break in, but the centre’s reputation has been damaged”.   

“The youth centre works with socially vulnerable youngsters. It’s supposed to be a safe haven.  That things like this happened here is dreadful.  The centre and the city authorities are filing a complaint.  Our thoughts are with the victim.”

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