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Kevin De Bruyne: “Good time to come together”

With Chelsea and other English football clubs pulling out of the new planned super league and admitting they made a mistake Belgian and Manchester City player Kevin De Bruyne suggests that given the events of the past few days now is a good time for everybody to come together and find a solution.

The Belgian star’s words on Twitter are being interpreted as a thumbs down for the new league that does seem dead in the water without English clubs.

Kevin De Bruyne:

“This man comes out of a little town out of Belgium dreaming of playing at the highest possible stage.  I’ve represented the Belgian, German and English leagues and also proudly represented my country.  I have worked and competed against everybody trying to win the ultimate, but the most important word in this is COMPETING.  With all events that have been happening the last few days maybe this is the good moment for everybody to come together and try to work for a solution.  We know this is a big business and I know I am part of this business.  But still I am a little boy who just loves to play football.  It’s not about a certain entity in this case.  It’s about the football over the whole world.  Let’s keep inspiring the next generation of footballers and keep the fans dreaming”.

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