Colruyt worker bears witness after punching incident at store

Store workers at the Colruyt supermarket in Sint-Truiden (Limburg) are staging a symbolic protest today after one of their colleagues was punched in the face and saw his car pelted with stones by an angry customer. Aggression is on the up due to the pandemic say the experts. 

Union official Frank Convents relates what exactly happened: “A customer felt he was having to wait too long before his cart was disinfected and pushed it between the legs of a female shop assistant.  A colleague, who was at the check-out paying for his shopping at the end of his shift, saw the incident and sent the customer packing”.

The customer waited outside and allegedly threw stones at the man’s car and when the store worker got out punched him in the face.

Store worker Michiel Gysemberg says customer aggression is growing: “When we address customers e.g. about wearing a face covering properly or taking their cart, we are often told ‘you don’t tell me what to do’ or ‘go, leave us alone.  I’m not doing it’”. 

As a result of corona rules in-store aggression has been mounting. 

Aggression expert Ineke Van den Zegel: “Corona has increased stress levels.  We’re not used to this situation and we get a shorter fuse.”

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