Lack of vaccines causes cancelations at Lint Vaccination Centre

Some of those that were to have been vaccinated against coronavirus at the vaccination centre in Lint (Antwerp Province) have been told that they will have to be given their jabs at a later date. The centre says that the postponements have come about due to fewer doses of coronavirus vaccine having been delivered there than had been expected. 

A number of people that were due to have been given their jabs in the coming days have been contacted by vaccination centre at Lint and have been given new appointments in early May. 

The centre says that the latest delivery of vaccines was smaller than had been promised and it had no choice other than to cancel some appointments. However, the centre won’t say how many people have been affected. All the centre’s coordinator Karolien Smets would say is that there are only “a few” people that will have to wait a little longer for their jabs.  

Speaking in an interview with VRT Radio 2 Antwerp, Ms Smets said that the centre is also confronted with another issue. "We have noticed that often people don’t turn up for their appointment, especially if they are due to be given the AstraZeneca vaccine”. Consequently, the centre is asking those that have received an invitation for a vaccination to confirm that they are going to turn up for their jab.

"If people don’t turn up, we have to start calling a lot of people that are on the reserve list. We are often doing this until late in the evening”. 

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