One in three companies flouting coronavirus measures

Checks carried out by the relevant federal authorities have found that a third of companies are flouting at least of some of the measures that are currently in force to protect their employees from coronavirus. The figures appear in an article in the Sunday free-sheet ‘De Zondag’. 

The measures to curb the spread of coronavirus in the workplace include social distancing between colleagues and the strict enforcement of hand hygiene measures. 

During the Easter holiday period the federal inspectorate services carried out checks on thousands of companies. The results of the inspections carried form the basis of the article in ‘De Zondag’.

The Flemish Economy Minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) told the paper that “Maybe their attention has slackened off somewhat”. 

Teleworking rule is being observed

Despite many companies being found to be lacking when it comes to hand hygiene and social distancing, the rule obliging all that can to telework is generally-speaking being observed. Just 3.4% of the companies where an inspection was carried out were found to be flouting the rule.

Ms Crevits told the paper that “Of course there are a lot of companies where people are unable to telework. This is often not possible in companies where physical labour is required or companies providing essential services. This is why you get rather a distorted image in society as a whole. However, the campaigns to make people work from home have proved effective and the number of those flouting the rules is limited.”


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