Police officer injured in confrontation with youths on Antwerp’s Scheldt Quayside

Two people were detained after trouble flared on Antwerp’s Scheldt Quayside on Saturday evening. A group of youths were involved in a dispute with police that resulted in one police officer being slightly injured. 

Saturday’s fine weather saw many people flock to the Quayside to enjoy the sun. However, as was the case last weekend, social distancing, and other measures in force to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus were not respected by all those present. The trouble started after the police had asked a group of youths that were flouting the measures to leave.

Some of them pelted the police officers with bottles and reinforcements were called in in to help restore order. Officers used batons and pepper spray during the incident.

Two troublemakers were detained. By around 10:30pm calm had returned to the Quayside area.


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