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“Indian variant in Brussels since March, patient disappears without trace”

It has emerged that a patient was diagnosed with the Indian variant of coronavirus in Sint-Joost-ten-Node as early as the end of March.  Unfortunately, Brussels health officials have had to concede that the patient has meanwhile disappeared without any trace.

Health authorities are still trying to establish how the missing patient came down with this variant of concern.  It was only last Thursday that the presence of the Indian variant was confirmed.

“Alas, the call centre has not been able to contact this person” says Inge Neven of the Brussels Health inspection.  In 94% of cases contact tracers succeed in getting back to people, who test positive.  In this instance they failed.  The patient is not believed to be an Indian national.

The Indian variant may be more contagious than other variants and health authorities are keen to check its spread.

“It’s a variant that we want to be especially careful with.  We want to be certain it doesn’t spread or only spreads very slowly.  We want to establish whether this person had travelled abroad or not” says Neven.

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