“Sound of Metal” lands two Oscars

Last night’s Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles meant success for Belgium.  “Sound of Metal”, a Belgian-American coproduction had been nominated in six categories and won in two.

“Sound of Metal” picked up the Oscars for Best Sound and Best Achievement in Film Editing.

The film tells the story of a drummer and former drug addict, who loses his hearing.

The film is a coproduction involving the Belgian production house Caviar famed for the ‘Tabula Rasa’ TV series.

The film’s producer Bert Hamelinck is overjoyed: “It’s fantastic.  I still can’t believe it.  It’s an incredibly pleasant experience.”

Hamelinck explains the importance of sound in his movie: “Everything is told by sound and how the main character experiences the world before and after losing hearing. We worked hard to make a good job of including internal sound in the movie and have now been rewarded.”

‘Sound of Metal’ was nominated in the Best Film category but lost out to Chloé Zhao’s ‘Nomadland’.  Interesting to know, Zhao’s last film was produced by Belgium’s Caviar. Hamelinck says Zhao was able to direct ‘Nomadland’ thanks to the earlier Caviar production.

Attendance at the Oscar ceremony was limited due to the pandemic.  As the producer of a nominated movie Hamelinck was able to be present.

“For sure, for a Fleming this is a unique experience.  It was Covid-safe.  Everybody had to keep their distance and wear a face covering during the ad break.”

An afterparty with 30 participants and Covid restrictions was also staged for people who worked on ‘Sound of Metal’ but limited to 90 minutes.

Watch the trailer of “Sound of Metal”.

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