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Car thief crashes into ten vehicles

A thief crashed into ten cars as he was trying to escape his pursuers in Roesbrugge (Poperinge – West Flanders) on Saturday. The thief had made off with a stolen car and a livestock trailer from a farm in Poperinge and soon had several local residents on his tail. 

The thief had stolen a black Volvo XC-60 with a livestock trailer attached.  When he noticed he was being pursued he put his foot down as he headed towards Roesbrugge.  In a narrow street he rammed no fewer than ten other vehicles.

It’s a miracle nobody was injured.  Wendy Vande Casteele and Patrick Gunst both saw their cars damaged. “Fortunately there was only material damage, but what if a child had been crossing at the time?” asked Wendy.

Several locals continued to chase the thief until a tractor blocked his way.  The thief reversed over several meters and then returned at full speed to push vehicles aside and get past the tractor.  One car ended up pressed up against a house front.  The thief then headed off in the direction of the French border.  “I used my GPS to keep the police abreast of our position” says pursuer Nicolaas Demolder, but after 40km we decided to end our chase.  The motorist was driving dangerously and at one point he was barely able to miss a child.”

The thief is still on the loose, though prosecutors have started an investigation.

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