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New relaxations kicked in on Monday

A second raft of relaxations of corona rules are introduced today as the vaccination drive picks up speed.  The relaxations were decided on 14 April and come despite high hospitalisation, intensive care and new infection figures.

Hairdressers, barbers and other so called ‘non-medical contact professionals’ like tattoo artists and beauticians may reopen amid strict safety precautions. They have been closed for four weeks now.

Shopping for non-essentials without an appointment is back too! Restrictions remain.  Only two people from one household may enter a shop at the same time.  Instead of a member from your household you can also go shopping with your hug buddy.  Remember every Belgian or Belgian resident has one. Children under 18 are not counted under this restriction.  Of course, people who need assistance may be accompanied too.

Face coverings are required in shops and you will have to administer hand sanitiser as you enter.

Under the rules, outside, you were only supposed to meet up in fours.  This figure now rises to ten, but social distancing of 1.5metres and a face coverings are required unless the people in your bubble are members of your household or your hug buddy. Children under 12 are not counted for this restriction.

Indoors there is no change.  Households may invite one hug buddy into the home.  Starting 8 May this rises to two hug buddies.

Are you planning a rail trip to the coast? Until now passengers over 12 were only allowed on window seats.  This controversial rule has now been ditched.  Face coverings, of course, remain mandatory and the rail company will take measures in the event large crowds materialise.

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