Belgium tightens restrictions on those entering the country from Brazil, India, and South Africa

The Consultative Committee made up of representatives of Belgium's federal, regional and language community governments has decided to reduce the number of exceptions to the ban on people travelling to Belgium from Brazil, South Africa, and India. For example, students, care professionals and seasonal labourers will no longer be allowed to travel here from any of these three countries.

Last week it was reported that 20 nursing students that had come to Belgium from India were infected with the Indian variant of coronavirus. They had been able to come to Belgium despite a ban on travel from India having been in force for some time.

However, there was a long list of exceptions to the ban, including for student that wished to come to Belgium in order to study. At a videoconference held on Tuesday morning the Consultative Committee decided that the number of exceptions to the ban on travel to Belgium from India, South Africa and Brazil should be severely reduced.  

The restrictions cover people arriving in Belgium from the three countries by whatever means and include those travelling through Belgium in transit to a third country.

Belgian nationals and those whose principal residence is in Belgium will still be allowed to come here from Brazil, India and South Africa. Travel to the three country from Belgium is strongly disadvised.

The only exceptions to the ban are:

Those working in the transport sector (airline crew, pilots…) and the crew of boats and ships.

Diplomats and those working for international organisation as well as those that have been invited here by international organisations and whose physical presence here is essential to the organisation being able to function correctly.

They will only be allowed to come to Belgium if their employer provides them with an accreditation and they receive an accreditation from a Belgian diplomatic or consular post.

Stricter quarantine rules


The testing and quarantine rules for those arriving here from India have also been tightened to bring them in to line with those already in force for those arriving here from South Africa, South America, and the UK. 

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