Corona Commissioner says that hospital occupancy levels are “still near-critical”

The man the Federal Government appointed Corona Commissioner Pedro Facon (photo above) has told Tuesday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference that the latest figures related to the pandemic in Belgium offer some embryonic rays of hope. However, occupancy rates on ICUs in the country’s hospitals remain at near-critical levels. 

Mr Facon told the press conference that last week the infection figures were higher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday than they had been on the corresponding days the previous week. However, since then the figures have been lower than they were on the corresponding day a week earlier. “This means that we are slowly moving towards negative figures again”.

Mr Facon notes a sharp increase (+17%) in infections among school-age children. There have also been smaller increases in the infection rate among those in their 50s and those over the age of 80. Currently the largest portion of infections is among those in their 20s. However, the number of infections among this age demographic is falling.

Mr Facon went on to talk about the situation in the hospitals. "Both hospital admissions in general and the number of admissions to intensive care are showing slight falls, as is the number of deaths. For the moment the falls are too limited to expect a significant improvement and reduction of pressure on the hospitals in the short term. After last week’s stagnation in the number of hospital admissions, we are now seeing a slight fall this week. The total number of hospital beds occupied has fallen slightly but is still at near-critical levels”.


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