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Euro MP arrested in Brussels

The Greek Euro MP Ioannis Lagos has been arrested in Brussels. Last year the far-right politician received a long prison sentence.  Today’s arrest comes after the European Parliament lifted the lawmaker’s parliamentary immunity this morning.

Lagos is one of the leading figures in Golden Dawn, a Greek neo-Nazi party.  The party was outlawed in Greece last year and judged to be a criminal organisation involved in several murders and attempted murders in 2012-13.

For his involvement Lagos was sentence to a 13 year and 8-month custodial sentence. Until now Lagos stayed out of jail relying on his parliamentary immunity from the European Parliament where he sat as an independent.  It was also thanks to this immunity that on his conviction he was able to travel from Greece to Belgium.

Greek police have ow confirmed Lagos has been arrested in Brussels.

The Golden Dawn party leader Michaloliakos and several other leading figures are already in jail.  The party’s number two, Christos Pappas, is still on the run.

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