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Prioritise vaccination over holiday plans.

The Flemish Care and Health Agency is calling on people to prioritise their vaccination if their invitation clashes with travel plans.  The agency’s Joris Moonens says “Our travel plans need to be subservient to our vaccination and not the other way around.  Vaccination centres can’t offer a tailor-made solution for everybody.”

It’s unclear how easy it will be to travel this summer, but travel agents are not only offering city trips but also holidays to more distant destinations.  Tour operators are aware people might need to change their plans.  At Connections Frank Bosteels explains that holidaymakers can change their dates and destination up to 30 days before departure. TUI goes one better and allows changes to the plans up to a week before departure.  “It’s free and you can change up to four times” says Piet Demeyere.

Your invitation for a vaccination should arrive a fortnight ahead of the vaccination date and there’s also your appointment for the second jab.  Good planning is required.  The Care and Health Agency urges people to be careful when planning their summer holidays.  Many people will receive an invite for June or July. 

Joris Moonens: “If we want to vaccinate six million people in a number of weeks, then we need to ask everybody to organise themselves in a way that prioritises the vaccination.”

Travel will be possible this summer, but each country or area will get a colour code.  The code determines whether you will need to quarantine after your trip of not.  At present most of Europe is colour-coded red – read quarantine - Connections’ Frank Bosteels hopes the situation will improve: “There’s bound to be a changing picture of colours on the map, but let’s hope it will be less fluid than last year.”

Don’t forget that countries may also set conditions on your travel.  If you have been vaccinated, it’s good to have your certificate handy.

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