Gerard Bottino / SOPA Images

Shoppers charged twice at Carrefour

Some shoppers settling their bill at the Carrefour checkout last weekend paid more than they bargained for.  It has emerged that in some cases customers using a Belgian Maestro card saw their shopping deducted twice from their account.

The store has pledged to make good the damage by Thursday.

Supermarket chain Carrefour initially blamed the electronic payment operator Worldline for the chaos. Worldline denies all responsibility. “We have thoroughly examined our systems and there does not appear to have been any technical error” says Eric Spapens. “Carrefour believes the problem is ours, but it isn’t”.

Carrefour has meanwhile conceded Worldline is not to blame, but isn’t accepting the blame either: “There was a communication error between two banks involving France’s Crédit Mutuel and Mastercard among others” says Carrefour’s Aurélie Gerth.

How many customers were affected isn’t clear, but the supermarket giant admits many people were charged twice.

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