Houseplant goes for 1,799 euros

A garden centre in Lovendegem, outside Ghent, has sold a houseplant for 1,799 euros.  The plant in question is a Monstera Adansonii variegata, a tropical variety of Swiss cheese plant with white and yellow leaves.

“It’s a lot of dough” says Bram Rammeloo, the director of the Kalmthout Arboretum “but you can understand why.  People like to buy rare things to outdo the Janssens”.

Garden centre Intratuin sold the plant that stands 15 cm tall for 1,799 euros.  Fortunately, the regular version of the plant, is becoming increasingly popular, and will only set you back a tenner.

Bram Rammeloo explains the price difference: “The variety with white and yellow leaves grows more slowly and is more difficult to grow.  But with the right plant food and amount of water, it is possible to grow a new plant from a cutting. The plants can live for ten years.”

“Houseplants have become tremendously popular of late.  People are at home more due to the pandemic and spend more time thinking about their home interior.  Plants have also become our new pets.  Plant photos are a hit on Instagram (= a social media platform).  Many people also like to outdo the neighbours.  It makes you think of the Tulip Mania in the 17th century when massive amounts were paid for bulbs".

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