An Inca ritual at the Temple of the Moon outside Cuzco

Missing Fleming resurfaces in Peru

Pascal Maes, a Fleming who went missing in Peru, is safe and sound.  The Belgian foreign ministry has confirmed the news amid reports in the local media that Maes turned to begging working tourist spots when he ran out of cash.

Pascal Maes travelled to Peru in 2019.  All contact was then lost.  There were even fears he had died.

The Fleming last contacted his family in Belgium just before the start of the pandemic.  Later, when relatives failed to get through to him again, they reported him missing and Peruvian police issued a missing person’s notice.  To no avail.  That is until recently when the man, who is in his forties, resurfaced.

According to RPP Noticias, a Peruvian news website, another Fleming recognised him at the Temple of the Moon outside Cuzco, a tourist hotspot. Local police say he was without money or a phone and survived by begging.

Pascal Maes reportedly told the Peruvian police that he had trekked through Peru before finding himself in Cuzco without money or a phone.  He has confirmed that he hasn’t been attacked or robbed as some people feared.  A recent photo shows Maes (pictured on the left) has lost weight.

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