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More face-to-face learning at uni this academic year?

On Wednesday the Flemish education sector struck a deal that means starting 10 May all secondary and primary school pupils will enjoy face-to-face learning in class.  At Flemish universities and schools of advanced learning face-to-face learning on campus is limited to a day or two half days a week.  The higher education sector is keen to see a relaxation here too.

Flemish education minister Ben Wets (nationalist) is examining the matter.  Ann Verreth, director at Odisee Brussels, the university of applied sciences, says one day a week contact teaching is insufficient: “We believe it would be beneficial for the well-being of students that they would be able to see each other before the end of the academic year.  It would be useful if they could ask questions during a live session.  It would be a good thing for lecturers too!”

“We don’t need to hold a large graduation ceremony, but if last years can say goodbye to each other face-to-face that could have a great impact on their well-being” says Verreth.


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