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Oldest Belgian dies: “She survived corona and two world wars”

Julia Van Hool, Belgium’s oldest inhabitant, has died at the age of 111.  Julia passed away at hospital in Lier (Antwerp Province) where doctors had struggled to save her life with a blood transfusion.

Julia was born in 1909 in Putte (Antwerp Province) and in the 1920s started as a hairdresser’s together with an elder sister.  She married René in 1932 and together they ran a butcher’s.  Their family soon grew.  They had four children in all.

Acting Mayor of Lier Rik Verwaest has known Julia since his childhood: “She was a formidable woman” he said. “Indestructible in body and mind.  Time had no hold on her.  She survived two world wars and coronavirus.  She passed away peacefully.  Your long journey is now at an end, Julia.  Lier will never forget you!”

“Julia was looking forward to trashing the record and to becoming the oldest ever Belgian at the end of the year.  She was up for a turn on the bumper cars at the fair next November”.

Sadly, that is not to be and the record for the Belgian with the longest life remains with Joanna Turcksin of Machelen (Flemish Brabant), who died in 2002 after a life spanning 112 years and 186 days.

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