Threatening message projected on Brussels court house; will La Boum festival-goers clash with police?

Messages to protest against the corona restrictions were projected on the walls of the Brussels court house -  probably by the organisers of second edition of the illegal La Boum festival. 

The messages were projected on a wall of the Brussels 'Justitiepaleis' last night. They said that 'politicians should be judged for their crimes against civilians'. Even a noose could be seen. Police intervened and wrote a couple of tickets, since the protest action was staged after the curfew. Similar messages were reportedly shown on the Hallepoort in Brussels.   

It is thought that the initiative was set up by the same people who are behind the second edition of the La Boum festival. This illegal festival in the Brussels Terkamerenbos has been announced for today, as a follow-up of the first edition on 1 April. One month ago, it was started as an April fools' joke which ran completely out of hand after a couple of thousand youngsters attended, flouting corona regulations and eventually clashing with police. 

A new clash with the police?

Police are prepared to intervene if La Boum 2 would go ahead as announced on social media since mass gatherings are still forbidden in times of corona. Several thousands of people announced on Facebook that they would come. Police fear things may run out of hand again, as extremist left- or right-wing organisations may participate. 

This morning, organisers posted a movie on social media saying they want a party without violence. What they want is "love, joy and a celebration" they say.

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