132 apprehended at illegal La Boum 2 festival; 25 injured (including 10 police officers)

Over 130 party-goers and protesters were arrested on Saturday evening on the occasion of La Boum 2, an illegal open-air event in Brussels to protest against the corona restrictions. Two dozen people got injured, including 10 police officers.  

Organisers had asked citizens on social media to come to the event of "love, joy and celebration" but in reality the event in the huge Terkamerenbos park was a protest action against the corona restrictions.

Thousands of people, mainly youngsters, turned up in the late afternoon and the evening to attend the illegal festival despite calls by Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden not to do so. 

Police were present in large numbers to avoid that things would run out of hand. Things soon got too busy and corona restrictions were no longer being respected. When fights between different groups broke out, and when protesters started hurling objects at the police, they intervened. 

Around 6 p.m. the police deployed water cannons and tear gas. Around 9 p.m. the atmosphere had calmed down. 

132 people were apprehended. Five of them remain behind bars on a number of charges like selling drugs, armed resistance and uttering threats. 25 people sustained (mainly) light injuries, including 10 police officers. 

La Boum 2 was organised one month after the first edition of La Boum, which was staged on 1 April as an April fools' joke but which ran completely out of hand when large numbers of people turned up. 

Watch a video of the chaos here: 

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