Early summer expected when terraces reopen next weekend

Temperatures will remain below par for the next five days, but things are about to change. Next weekend we should have 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. 

The past weeks have been consistently cold and the terraces remained closed as pubs, cafés and restaurants were not allowed to reopen due to corona restrictions. But the tables will turn next weekend, in both categories. 

Pub landlords will be able to reopen outdoor terraces (four people maximum at one table) and this long-awaited event coincides with a strong improvement of the weather. In fact, we may have our first summer's day next Sunday. 

The next days will see a continuation of low temperatures. As depressions take over, it will also become windy and rainy, especially on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Met Office announces that the weather will improve on Saturday, when we will enjoy a southern breeze bringing much higher temperatures, 20 degrees Celsius on Saturday and possibly 25 degrees on Sunday.  

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