Corona figures keep edging lower, hospital occupancy reaches one-month low

Fewer corona patients are taken to hospital and the number of patients in intensive care is also going down: this is the latest update on corona statistics in Belgium. 

Between 25 April and 1 May, 193 corona patients were taken to hospital each day on average, a drop of 18 percent on the week. Yesterday, 195 hospitalisations were reported, while 278 patients had been discharged on Friday. This brings the total number of Covid patients in Belgian hospitals to 2,593 (-114), the lowest number in a month.   

The number of corona patients receiving intensive care had dropped to 824 (-31), with 486 of them (-25) receiving extra oxygen from ventilators. There is still a way to go: at the start of the third wave, the number of patients in IC units was 315.  

The number of daily Covid fatalities remains stable at 40. Last week, 3,121 new cases were reported, a drop of 14 percent on the week despite a hike in the number of Covid tests. The reproduction figure remains stable at 0.89. The number of vaccinated people passed the milestone of 3 million recently. Almost 33 percent of the adult population in Belgium has received at least one jab.  

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