Organisation behind “La Boum” asks for permission to organise “La Boum 3” on 29 May

The organisers of Saturday’s illegal gathering “La Boum 2” in Brussels’ Terkamerenbos park have requested permission to organise a new event on Saturday 28 May. If “La Boum 3” was granted permission to go ahead if would unlike Saturday’s “La Boum 2” be legal, albeit obliged to respect any coronavirus measures that are in force when it takes place. 

The announcement that a request had been made for La Boum 3 appears on the Facebook page of the L’abîme Team, the collective that is behind La Boum. The Brussels-Capital Elsene Local Police Service has confirmed that it has received a request for a gathering in Terkamerenbos on 29 May.

The L’abîme Team’s Facebook page has a screenshot of the request form submitted to the police. The application will be examined by the police before any decision is made.

On Saturday 1 May La Boum 2 took place in Terkamerenbos. The illegal gathering ended in violence as police tried to disperse those that had failed to heed requests to leave the park. 127 people were apprehended. 5 of those detained face criminal charges for offences such as armed resistance, threatening behaviour and selling narcotics. They have since been released from custody.


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