Antwerp duo guilty of murdering and robbing nurse

A 46-year-old man from Turnhout (Antwerp Province) and his 36-year-old former girlfriend have been found guilty of the murder and robbery of Christine Lenaerts, a 45-year-old prison nurse from Grobbendonk (Antwerp Province).

Christine Lenaerts’s body was discovered in Olen (Antwerp Province) in April 2018 after she had been reported missing four days earlier. Her body betrayed signs of battery and strangulation. Her employer, the prison management at the penitentiary where she worked, had just suspended her after she had let the woman later found guilty of her murder stay at her house.  The woman was serving a prison sentence and had failed to return following a day release.  Instead she had met up with her boyfriend and hatched plans to kidnap the nurse and steal her cash with the intention of fleeing to Tenerife (Spain).

The nurse was forced to collect cash from the bank and her kidnappers also tried to sell her car.   The garage owner became suspicious and the sale did not go ahead.  Instead the couple strangled the nurse and dumped her body.

The lawyer acting for Christine Lenaerts’s family, Kris Luyckx, has called for a lengthy prison sentence: “I believe the family is convinced these are very dangerous people.  It’s important for society that a signal is given and these people are kept out of society for a long stretch.”

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