Stormy weather across Flanders

Flanders is in the eye of a meteorological storm this morning as gales sweep across the country. 9 Beaufort or severe gale was recorded over the North Sea. 

It’s extremely blustery in western parts and the storm depression is crossing the country from west to east today.  Showers are accompanied by gusts.  Inland windspeeds of up to 80km/h are expected on the Flemish coast take account of gusts of 90km/h. It remains relatively mild with highs of 14°C.

Windspeeds will decrease in the course of the day with the wind turning to west-north-westerly.  It remains changeable.

Wednesday expect heavy showers and possibly also thundery conditions.  Temperatures dip lower to 12°C tops.

The interior ministry has activated the 1722 emergency number.  Call this number if you need help in the form of the fire service or an ambulance, but there is no threat to life e.g. flooded roads or cellars.  This number is used to ease pressure on the emergency services involved in critical interventions. In an emergency call 112.

In Brussels Ter Kameren Wood remains closed till 2PM. 

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