Was the Mayor of Sint-Truiden given her corona jab too early?

According to reports in two of Tuesday morning’s newspaper the Mayor of the Limburg town of Sint-Truiden was given a coronavirus vaccine more than have been her turn. ‘Het Belang van Limburg’ and ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ both report that although only 56 Veerle Heeren (Christian democrat) was vaccinated in March. 

The papers quote the socialist local councillor Ludwig Vandenhove as saying that Mayor Heeren was given her first dose of coronavirus vaccine on 10 March and that she received her second jab on 31 March. At this time people over the age of 85 were being vaccinated. 

As well as the Mayor herself several members of her immediate family and people that work closely with her are also reported to have been vaccinated. Mr Vandenhove is demanding an investigation. 

He told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that he will be passing on the information that he has about the vaccination of Ms Heeren and her entourage to the Governor of Limburg Province Jos Landmeters (Flemish nationalist) and the Flemish Care and Health Agency.

The Mayor is currently refusing to comment on the allegations. A couple of weeks ago she told a meeting of the local council that she doesn’t comment on issues relating to her health. 

However, a local website the past has proved to have a certain bias against the ruling coalition in Sint-Truiden has publish screenshot photographs featuring the Mayor at the local vaccination centre. Mr Vandenhove says that his information comes from someone that works at the centre.


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