How should Belgians abroad go about getting a coronavirus vaccine?

The vaccination campaign in Belgium is in full swing and more than a third of all adults living here have already had a least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. During May things will move up another couple of gears and it is hoped that, in Flanders at least, every adult that wants a coronavirus jab will have been given at least one vaccine dose before the Flemish holiday on 11 July. 

All fine and well if you live here, but what about the hundreds of thousands of Belgians that live abroad? How can they ensure that they can get immunised against coronavirus? The Belgian Foreign Minister has published easy to follow guidelines on its website. Belgians living abroad are encouraged where possible to get vaccinated in their country of residence if that country vaccinates using the same vaccines approved for use here.

However, those for whom this is not possible or that have been unable to get vaccinated in their country of residence for practical reasons will be able to preregister for a vaccination through the Belgian Embassy or Belgian Consular Office. The vaccination will then be carried out while they are back in Belgium visiting. The first vaccinations of Belgians living abroad won’t take place until next month at the earliest. Partners of Belgians living abroad and their adult children will also be entitled to request a vaccine here. 

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