Brussels: curfew starts at 10PM ends at midnight

It’s being compared to a Belgian joke: on Friday, as has been the case for several months now, the curfew kicks in in Brussels at 10PM, but due to the relaxations from midnight, the curfew will no longer be there as the clock strikes 12.

While the curfew only applies from midnight in all places outside Brussels, in Brussels residents are expected to be home by 10PM unless they meet the conditions for an exemption.  Thanks to the relaxations, the curfew disappears across Belgium and also in Brussels from the strike of midnight on Friday night.  In Brussels people will have been expected to stay indoors for two hours before being allowed out again.

“This is a new low for absurdity” says Flemish nationalist lawmaker Gilles Verstraeten. “This is a Belgian joke and not a very funny one! This is the kind of thing you need to organise to get people to doubt the whole package of corona measures.  Add to that that there is too little enforcement of the curfew.  A lot of people still appeared out after 10PM.  I have heard stories about people, who bumped into the police, and didn’t get a fine!”

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