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Plane spotter glee at Ostend Bruges Airport

Wednesday was an exceptional day for Flemish plane spotters.  As a result of the pandemic the Indian air force had dispatched a Boeing C-17 Globemaster 3 to Ostend Bruges Airport (West Flanders) from New Delhi to collect oxygen and medicines.

The Globemaster 3 is a majestic appearance in the skies and is seldom seen at close quarters in our climes.  Plane spotters from far and wide descended on Ostend on Wednesday to witness this magnificent display.

The plane had been sent to collect four oxygen tanks that together weigh 26 tons. The plane enthusiasts marvelled at the way a crane was used to stow the tanks on board. The Globemaster’s visit to West Flanders was of short duration.  The aircraft was turned around within three hours.

Eric Dumas, CEO of Ostend Bruges Airport, is proud of the role his aviation hub played: “We are proud that we were able to contribute to the battle against coronavirus.  The oxygen tanks and medicines must arrive in India ASAP.  Ostend Bruges Airport offered the perfect solution.  We are flexible, operational 24/7 and do not use slots allowing planes to take off when they are ready”.

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